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How do you determine the direction of fluid flow in a pipe without directly interacting with what's inside?

4 Answers

Measure temperature, noise, etc.

Relative height of two ends

Measure the longitudinal strain at two points along the path of the pipe. The flow direction will be from highest to lowest strain. Measures shear stress. Measure lateral strain like longitudinal strain, associated with fluid pressure. Pressure gradient will be from high strain to low strain.

Why did you not come to our info session while you were on campus?

1 Answer

You have a tank of water with max depth H and a spout of diameter d at the bottom. The spout is held shut by a stopper forced in with a spring mounted on a fixed surface. How do you find the force that the spring needs to exert to keep the spout closed.

1 Answer

What are the two theories of stability? How do you know a system will be unstable?

1 Answer

Some questions are quite easy and basic, while others are very diffecult to answer. Simple qeustions can be explaining the stress strain curves, three modes of heat transfer, turbulent flow vs laminar flow, pressure and FBD in a combustion cylinder, or cantilever beam, etc. They might also ask you technical questions based on past experience.

Draw a stress strain curve, where is the plastic and elastic range, how do you add resistors in parallel

what's the difference between you and other candidates

If now I call your adviser, what would you expect that he says about you?