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Senior Product Manager, Social Media Advertising was asked...June 27, 2012

Tell me how you would scale a social media software platform?

3 Answers

Try to define "scale", ask for clarifications. Are we trying to scale to more users or to more ad providers? Are there any current bottlenecks? What is the goal here? How about we improve the experience by providing more relevant ads? etc... Less

Its such a tricky question. I guess its by the analytic we use to know the page views and all.. Less

I didn't have a good answer for this one.

How could you get the information you want from an individual over the phone who you have no prior interactions or connections to?

1 Answers

I find it very helpful to be positive and befriend people over the phone, and establish relationships with individuals, especially if I will be making repeat calls. One time in school, I wanted to take a specific professor for one of his classes, so I e-mailed him prior to class starting, because his class was full. I was able to speak with him and tell him why I wanted to take the class, so eventually I was let into the class. Less


What kind of tools do you use for social media management?

1 Answers

Buffer, EveryPost, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Agora Pulse, SproutSocial, Social Oomph, etc. Less

Which advertising campaign that I conceived was a disaster and how did I bring it around?

1 Answers

It was a FMCG product ( consumer product ). There had been a sudden escalation in the rates for TV slots and the client's budget could not accommodate the sudden spike. We were able to reduce the number of cities in this marketing blitz and still get a huge bang for our buck. Less

What experience do you have in marketing?

13 Answers

Between the age of 14 and 17 I volunteered I’m football and did a lot of social media and posters because I was good at it. This gives me the knowledge to increase your following and better analytics overall. I explained my personality and why I would suit a 8:30 to 4:30 day with events on at the weekend. Less

i want play porn maybe help me ? i like this job

Yes I want play porn I interested I like very I am young age and I am from Pakistan please contact with me my number 03117977424 please Less

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Are you willing to sign a non disclosure agreement before any formal interviewing occurs?

9 Answers

Is the work environment for this position operate like a call center?



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Why Nickelodeon? / What is your favorite Nick show

5 Answers

Nickelodeon is a fast growing channel in Kenya. Many teenagers love the shows on Nickelodeon including me. My favourite show is Henry danger. Less

I want to be an actor at nickelodeon and my favourite show is danger force 🙋🙋🙋😳😳 Less

Please l have whated to work with nickelodeon for alone time please hire me for nickelodeon and my favourite show is danger force please contact me on 0270554791 Thank you for your love time Less

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Why do you think you would suit this role?

5 Answers

I would suit this role because of my passion, having played football since I was 3, and with my knowledge in social media and marketing, it’s a very fit role for myself. Less



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êtes vous deja inscrit comme travailleur indépendant?

5 Answers




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The 15 min, 5 question quiz. It's a relevant and a useful tool for the Ampush recruiting team to use, but the way the quiz was set up (timer at the top requiring scrolling up intermittently to check time left, misspellings and poor grammar in the questions themselves making which verb goes with what noun confusing) seemed a bit unprofessional. It would be nice if it could be cleaned up a little more, especially the wording of the questions. The questions themselves were not too difficult, as long as you have a grasp of social media acronyms such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CR% and how they relate to each other. Note that the required formatting for the answers is picky; you have to answer with two decimal points for every number (not for %s) and add in special characters (e.g. $, %). Example questions below; these are not the actual questions from the quiz but very similar. Example Q #1: You are running an online ad campaign in order to drive installs of a client's application (the action). Your cost-per-click (CPC) is $0.13 and 12% of the people who click the ad will install the application. How much do you spend per action (what is your CPA)? Example Q #2: You are running an online ad campaign. Your client wants to get at least 500 people to click an ad that links to her personal website, and she is willing to pay $0.40 per click. If you fulfill the goal of getting 500 clicks, how much does the client end up spending? Example Q #3: You are running an online ad campaign for a client who wants more people to "like" his business' Facebook page. She is willing to pay $1.10 per "like". 40% of the people who click on his ad will "like" her Facebook page (this is the CR%). Your goal is to make a 20% profit margin. What is the maximum amount you can pay Facebook per click and still get that 20% profit margin (assuming profit = rev - cost).

5 Answers

Q3: .352 Steps: $1.10 per like - 20% margin = .88, this is the total you can pay to facebook per like It takes 2.5 clicks to get 1 like (40% x 2.5 clicks = 1 like); then .88 (your budget per action) divided by 2.5 (total clicks you need to get a like) = .352 max cost per click Less

How are you people calculating Q1? Look: 1. The expected value of an acquisition is the probability of event occurring with 1.0 in numerator (1 / 0.12) = 8.3 2. We have (8.3) clicks before we get an expected value, so rounding for conservative estimation, (9) clicks 3. Each click is $0.13 with (9) clicks, so $1.17 is the total for each user to install the application (Note: Assuming that our acquisition is the installation and not actually spending money or calling in, ect.) Less

expected value is (1.10 X 40%)= .44 cents. We want 20% of this to be our profit so .44*20%= .088 cents. Since she is paying us our expected value of .44 cents, we subtract the .088 from this to get as it says above....352 Less

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