Medical Assistant Interview Questions in Providence, RI

Medical Assistant Interview Questions in Providence, RI

Employers hiring medical assistants are looking for candidates with a mastery of both clerical and interpersonal skills. Expect to be quizzed on health care procedures as well as experience tending to patient needs. Be aware that many employers will expect candidates to be certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

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Top Medical Assistant Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top medical assistant interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: Are you comfortable handling confidential information?

How to answer: Show the interviewer that you are familiar with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a medical assistant, you may deal with patient's medical records, so consider explaining your process for keeping records secure. Share a story about a time you worked with sensitive information at a past job.

Question #2: How would you handle a patient complaining to you about their experience?

How to answer: This is an opportunity to showcase your conflict resolution skills. Consider saying that you would listen intently to the patient's issue. It is likely important to the interviewers that you can build strong relationships with clients and represent the team well. You could also mention your willingness to ask for help from colleagues if you cannot meet the patient's needs yourself.

Question #3: Tell me about your computer skills.

How to answer: Computer literacy is an important skill for a medical assistant. Assure the interviewer that you are competent with tasks like typing, billing, and scheduling. Mention any specific software you have used in past roles, especially medical software systems.

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Medical Assistant was asked...March 10, 2014

How do you handle stress and pressure of a fast paced environment?

3 Answers

I tackle each task one at a time. I make sure that I am being efficient. If I feel overwhelmed or feel that I am unable to complete a task I would ask for assistance. Less

I am able to multi task and I am very good at time management. I love working in a fast paced environment and it’s just a given that stress and pressure comes along with that environment. I perform my best in this type of environment. Less

If I feel that I have been asked to do too much, I will speak up and ask for something to be delegated to another co worker. Less

How would you handle an upset patient coming up to the front desk and complaining?

3 Answers

I certainly understand why you would be upset. Let me see if I can get a nurse to speak with you more about this. Less

I would empathize with the customer and diffuse the situation by addressing his/her concern. Less

I let them get their complaints and anger out that way they know that I am concern about their problem and so I can better understand them why they are upset. I give them a sincere apology then help them by resolving the problem. Less

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation

How would you treat a patient that suddenly fell unconscious?

2 Answers

I would check if the patient was injured, then call for help, then assess patient until given further instructions. Less

Briefly assess patient & tell some one to call 911

Give me an example of an unhappy patient and how you made them happy before they left the office.

2 Answers

Stop everything I’m doing at the time, give patient full attention, listen to their complain(s) without any interruptions, eye contact & if the complaint is within my job description I will try to solve it, if it isn’t I would tell them politely that I was going to get my supervisor or office manager Less

We had a patient who was a retired physician. He was in terrible shape. He was non compliant. He needed to check his PT/INR weekly if not more and often he would not come in for his appointments. He also had lower extremity vascular disease. One day he came in cocky as ever and I sat him down and did the tough love speech. I was very nervous, thought he would be very angry with me. Quite the opposite. Something I said must have hit home because after that he was always on time and came to all his appointments. Less

Planned Parenthood

do you have children?

7 Answers

No, I do not

Under EEOC guidelines, this is not a legal question.


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Greenwich Hospital

Experience with patients and customer service skills

6 Answers

Excellent customer service

I had many years of experience

I am a young bilingual certified medical assistant ready to find a job match in my area i am full of motivation quick adapter full of respect and car Less

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Low T Center

Can you draw blood and give shots?

5 Answers

Yes. Any types of blood draws or injections



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If your manager is not present, what decision would you be comfortable making?

4 Answers

I stated that depending on the situation, I would be ok with making a decision that would benefit the patient whether it is a question about their visit or administering oxygen. I would however consult with a lead doctor or nurse in an emergent situation. Less



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Johns Hopkins Health System

Do you have children

4 Answers

None of your business

Not yet why?

None of your business.

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HealthTexas Provider Network

Why are you leaving your current job.

3 Answers

The environment is toxic and you can't give good patient care under those conditions. Less

Office staff have to much has to much drama !

Office staff have to much has to much drama !

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