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None, only asks if your currently working and what shift you would prefer.

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Hi this info was really helpful thank you. I applied and took my test back in march with a 72% score and today i got an email saying my interview is friday and till fill out the 7 forms before i come. I saw a w4 form in the package not sure y thats not usually filled out untill u actually have the position any idea y? Also what exactly do u do for the interview being that u stated they didnt ask any questions. What should i expect specifically?

I didn't remember em having us fill out the w form, but they had us fill out the i-9 form which is the IDs. I didn't know that we already had the job, it's just the matter of being able to win the empty spot b4 it gets taken by the people in front of u with the higher test scores. The interviewer only asked me if I was currently working another job & what I do within them, that's pretty much it. Then he had me sign a couple of more papers & to go sit back down & wait some more. Everything I have stated was how everything happen with me. I'm not sure if it's any different with the other locations or facilities. Hope that helps.

Okay so pretty much the job offer is based off your test scores. I really hope i get this thank you for this info Alena!

Why do you want to work for usps? Any conflicts with a coworker or supervisor? Tell me a time when you went above and beyond for a customer? What would your pior employer say about you? Have you had any safety incidents in the past? What would you do if you have a item that is too heavy to lift? What would you do if you seen a coworker doing something he/she don't suppose to be doing?

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Wasnt difficult for me just depends on your postmaster she asked basic interview questions it doesnt take a rocket scientist to sort mail or deliver mail

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Tell me about yourself, how would you handle an angry customer?

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What was your worst mistake at your last job?

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Are you ok working long hours and over time?

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what is my favorite color and why

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I wasn't really asked many questions. We just talked about past experiences and it was a very easy process I was really already hired once someone spoke to me.

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What would you do if there was an intolerable customer that was giving you an attitude and wanted you to resolve the issue, but you couldn't help them in any way?

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