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LifeStance Health
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner was asked...January 10, 2021

What is your desired salary

1 Answers

I answered it without any difficulty.

North American Mental Health Services

What hours do you want to work and what would you like to be paid?

1 Answers

Four days a week, $70 an hour.

Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

They asked me about my experience and what type of patients I'm currently treating.

1 Answers

I described where I work and the patients.

University of Maryland Medical Center

Tell me about yourself, ​please

1 Answers

Listed educational acheivements and a brief overview of why I chose to work where I did and what I learned from those employments which apply to the curr​en​​t job opening. Less


What do I like most about the job?

1 Answers

I enjoy talking with the patients and being able to help them in their journey for stability. Less


role of practitioner and what I bring to the team, Understanding of the role and what is expected. Confidentiality and listening process. Patient empowerment and respect. Medication and symptoms of illness. Medication side effects and recovery. Staff engagement and teamwork. Policies and procedures. Timekeeping skills and working to expected timescale. Identifying personal development and keeping up with learning proficiencies. Management of team and duty cover. Flexibility in work and available a short notice. Reporting and challenging bad practice and supporting others in work

1 Answers

did very well and was comfortable

Brightside Health

Tell me about your current practice.

1 Answers

I currently am working for myself. A recruiter from Brightside contacted me via my LinkedIn profile and asked me to apply for the position. She sent me 5-6 emails asking me to hurry and apply because I was highly qualified and the demand for psychiatric prescribers was high. Less

Faith Health Care Center

Tell us about yourself

1 Answers

Virtually every Information provided in my resume.


Q: How do you handle the difficult situations that come up during the course of any given day.

1 Answers

A: Use creativity.

Bassett Healthcare Network

My experience.

1 Answers

You didn't say anything about what they asked you, what type of questions? Anything out of the norm? Situation questions? Anything about the Organization itself? Anything about where you want to be in 5 yrs? Poor previous answer, was not helpful. Less

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