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Do you feel passionately about the Air Force?

1 Answer

Answer truthfully

Describe a situation that you define as a crises. What was your role? What was the outcome?

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Asked me a case question regarding a client and how to shape public opinion and offer solutions

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What do you look for in a work environment?

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Why do you want to hold this particular position?

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(Keep in mind - public affairs employees represent their companies to outside news media and partner organizations). So, you know how to manage members and media?

Tell us about a time you were faced with an obstacle or difficult situation and how did you handle that?

Tell me how you would plan a communications program to inform employees about the quality initiative that will require these manufacturing plants to be shut down. (Or something like that--can't remember exact wording.

Security clearance screening focused on family, financials, international travel, education, and many other areas.

None. All questions were very standard. Went over resume and answered situational questions. Writing test required for the position.

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