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Texas Department of State Health Services
Public Health Specialist was asked...June 21, 2016

What is Public Health and Why is it important ?

2 Answers

Insult you?

Don't insult me with stupid question.s

City of Houston

How do you feel about working in an environment with lots of policies, how do you deal with a supervisor that you don’t agree with something . (There were a lot of two and three part questions)

1 Answers

I didn’t do to well on this question but still got the job.

Jiv Daya Foundation

Name all of the medications used to treat (insert disease). How are these drugs administered? What are the standard dosages? How do these drugs work in the body?

1 Answers

F-off with your gotcha questions.

Fairfax County Public Schools

have you worked with special needs students before?

1 Answers


Fairfax County Public Schools

how will you explian someone that has autism?

1 Answers

someone that was born with a kind of disability from birth

Alabama Department of Public Health

What experience do you have in working independently with no over sight.

1 Answers

I work independently with no over sight because I don't wait for others to tell me what to do. I have several years experience in developing programs from the ground up. Less

DC Department of Health

Practical experience questions and a display of skills with computer analysis exercises

1 Answers

Explained how my past experience related to the current position


First of all, I was informed about the values of Assuaged. Cynthia was very transparent with me, in regards to her story and the story of Assuaged and made me feel that it's more than a company, it's family. Then I was asked about the reasons I would like to work at Assuaged. We had a very constructive discussion.

1 Answers

The main reason I would like to work at Assuaged is to develop my skillset and gain experience in public health. I am also excited to apply my current knowledge and contribute to the prevention of health problems. Less

Washington University in St. Louis

Have you had experience utilizing NVivo or qualitative analysis software? Have you conducted interviews?

1 Answers

I had not utilized the software but had conducted thematic analysis coding in my previous research assistant position. Less

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

You are responding to an ill passenger on a plane. 1 person has symptoms and there are 6 people sitting around them. Your manager isn't available. What do you do?

1 Answers

Isolate the ill person or provide a mask to wear until diagnosis have been made

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