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It was so hot in there, I honestly don't remember her questions, but it felt like a sales pitch for a pyramid scheme.

3 Answers

As soon as I figured out what kind of job it was, I left the interview promptly, wishing I had never gone.

I have interviewed for this business, being a college graduate with two degrees. I felt like the compensation that was offered was fair as its guaranteed income yet seems to reward those who perform higher. I can see that the training program was designed like a business school. There is chance for serious growth into hire management. I hope I get the position to represent their clients. They all check out when I research them online.

Being a college graduate with two degrees... HA! This is the owner of the business who came on here to overturn the truthful statement of the original post. She brags about her "2 degrees" from a second rate Big Ten school a number of times during the interview process

Are you interested in traveling internationally?

2 Answers

Would you be interested in face to face marketing?

2 Answers

What is the one word that describes you?

1 Answer

Are you an entrepreneur?

1 Answer

What brought you here.

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Why do you want this opportunity?

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Where do you want to be in 5 years?

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Where do you see yourself opening up your own company?

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What attracts you to the field of marketing, management and business?

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