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Public Relations Manager Interview Questions

"Public relations managers have a deep understanding of messaging strategies and how to communicate company news both internally and externally. Candidates should be ready to discuss past challenges, develop hypothetical PR strategies, and speak to industry and company trends."

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The questions were pretty standard. But they make it feel like you're applying for the most intense company in the world. I honestly felt like I was in a Google interview except instead of working at Google you sell "high end products" aka cheap face scrubs to people at Costco.

Basic questions about how one would handle media. Also there was a writing test.

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The lottery is under the state's Department of Revenue which requires a background check. Because of my tech start-up background, many of my clients were no longer in business. I tracked down my former colleagues to offer the "investigator" (rent-a-cop) with solid information and was scolded for being helpful. I was made to feel as though I was on trial. Over the years, several DOR workers have fleeced the state in various ways... nice vetting process.