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Public Relations Manager Interview Questions

"Public relations managers have a deep understanding of messaging strategies and how to communicate company news both internally and externally. Candidates should be ready to discuss past challenges, develop hypothetical PR strategies, and speak to industry and company trends."

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What do you know about the brands the company represents?

- Asked about my experience with previous employer - Asked about my media contacts/relationships - Asked about fashion week experience/involvement

Because you'll have to deal with multiple personalities asking for various tasks, they'll want to know about your multitasking experience, ability to cater to multiple personality types, and most importantly, they'll want to know how you deal with mundane tasks (like reading over hundreds of pages of government contract / proposals).

How would you promote our new app?

Why do you want to work for us?

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Explain how you've organized a social media content calendar before.

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How do you see yourself being a culture add at Entelo?

How would you go about announcing big product news?

I didn’t even get asked questions based on their hiring process and not bein able to have flexible scheduling.

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