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Publishing interview questions

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What do you look for when you are copy editing a story?

1 Answer

I look for more than basic grammar and punctuation. I try to make sure that the story doesn't have any holes as well as keeping in mind local style and AP style.

How would you handle bringing in new business?

1 Answer

What's in a grunt file and explain what it does

1 Answer

Who determines user standards, you, the company, someone else?

1 Answer

How do you deal with a group of twelve or more people who all have a different opinion about what looks good and what doesn't

1 Answer

Sell me this pen.

1 Answer

How do you motivate people?

1 Answer

If the customer was on the phone angry and pressuring to get the system back online but you didn't know what the issue was how would you deal with the situation

1 Answer

What's the most creative or proud example you have of an exceptional insight you got from analytics work?

1 Answer

How would you handle an injury on the job?

1 Answer
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