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Have you sold before, or done any cold-calling, sales process, or the like.

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Answer with whatever you've done. Since they have little to no skin in the game - they'll take you on (tell you to go find and build a book of business);

You are so right about Best Version Media. Their business model, the true commission based business model is dying quickly with the resurgence of the general economy. Who wants to go door to door, selling ad space in a magazine that will probably never be published, when you can get a better paying job with benefits at the local hardware store.

The refreshing part of this post, is that it appears to be an actual person with their own opinions and finally not a competitor exposing false statements about BVM. In order for the local hardware store to offer a better opportunity than BVM, it would need to offer these things: 1.) By the second year the average person at the hardware store would need to be earning over $100,000 a year. 2.) They would need to have unlimited vacation time. 3.) The hardware store would need to be the fastest growing hardware store in all of North America and then you would have to x that by 10 in order to be growing as fast as BVM. 4.) They would need to have a position that includes the prestige of publishing a magazine to an influential community interacting with families, local businesses and associations and other members of the community. 5.) The hardware store would need to offer an annual company trip as does BVM to tropical locations and cruises. There are more things the hardware store would need to offer and we hope the candidate finds such a hardware store for himself.

Tell me about yourself

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The questions asked were all typical interview questions.

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How do view the K-12 market today?

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The interview was very relaxed and friendly. I did not feel that the manager was looking for a reason to turn me down.

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All we require is $6000 as a start up. Are you willing to do that?

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"So, who are you, what are you about?"

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Are you interested in the Job

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Here's our frontlist and backlist books, can you put together a written strategic plan for our next meeting?

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Sometimes clients want something that may be against company policy. Give an example of a time when a client wanted something that was against company policy. How did you proceed?

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