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Through a 1 minute video, describe how your past can help you be a success with Hulafrog.

Provide an example of a time in which you provided exceptional customer service.

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What questions do you have for me?

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Experience with advertising, are you a self motivator, do you have the desire to be successful, are you self managed

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If you are a skilled employee there aren't really any gotcha questions as Patch is desperate in it's need to hire people.

The in person interview with the district manager was very straightforward. The sales trainer liked to ask more of the pointless philosophical questions like "what is the most difficult work situation you've been in and how did you handle it?"

Why do you want to work for Luxottica?

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Where do you see yourself in 6 years?

The first telephone interview is basically a little more information about the company after viewing the videos sent by email. A description of a typical day and some typical income made by publishers was described as well as the training and support was mentioned. I was asked if I had any more questions.

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