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array related questions

3 Answers

Hi, Can you please tell me what all questions on asked in the technical round interview?

Array manipulations and string manipulations are some of them

Ok, so are you working there right now?

1) In first-round everything went well from basic js to writing some code on the question asked from the panel on a video call - Result of the call was 50 - 50 2) As the result was 50 - 50 I received an assignment on Friday and the deadline was on Monday. I have successfully completed the assignment on Sunday itself and sent it. 3) Hr arranged further rounds with CTO as I think they are OK with my assignment. So that round also went well with basic js, roles, current projects, etc. Than received message from HR "we liked your profile but we taking assignment round of other candidates also we will get back to you soon(in the week)" Till the day I'm writing this I have never heard back from HR. So I genuinely want to tell the company if you don't want to select the candidate to update him immediately it will not take much time and effort. It will only help the candidate to improve only. My experience was bad I don't recommend this company.

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loop based codes , logical questions, riddles

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If the time is 7:35 what will be the angle angle between minute and hour pin in a watch?

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How to Inheritance in JS

1 Answer

Given a function print(obj) how will you print obj with few values changed without changing original obj.

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Advanced JS concepts, programs and their outputs (hoisting, prototype, closures etc.) Deep understanding of Angular concepts (from basics to advanced including forms.) Deep understanding of RXJS lib and its operator with their real time usage.

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Advanced JavaScript concepts.

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What is your notice period duration?

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How will you rotate "Hello World" at 45 degree on screen and blink the word degree.

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