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Do you see yourself on a partner track (i.e. staying until partner)?

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Although it is easy enough to say "Yes", the difficulty is making the realistic argument that you will truly not be another associate to leave after 2-3 years.

I value loyalty and growth. With these values, I can say confidentially I will assume increasingly larger responsibilities and rise to the level of Partner. I am task obsessive and making partner here is a goal that has my complete devotion.

Tell me about a time where you faced adversity in making a decision and how you reacted to it.

Give an example of a time you worked with a difficult team and how you were able to handle the situation?

Tell me about yourself? Why did you choose to apply for this company and not for one of the competitors? What' is the advantage our company has towards the others that attracted you to apply? Tell me a moment of your life/work experience/school that you had to work in a group. Tell me a moment when you had to overcome a conflict? Any time about a constructive feedback you heard from a client/supervisor? Tell me about a time you had to reject an assignment, and the reasons why?

Describe a time that you worked with a difficult personality in a group and how did you overcome that?

Give me an example that showed your global business acumen.

No difficult or unexpected questions were asked.

Time when we had an assignment that you were not comfortable with? Biggest challenge? Be ready for some accounting questions too! Also KEY! How do you stay connected with what is going on? Why PwC? Why Assurance?

Tell me about a time you took an initiative to make a change

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