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What do you do as a QC Supervisor?

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It varies from day to day. And like most industries that you haven't worked in, it is hard to describe. But mostly it is just making sure that customers are satisfied with the quality of the product that they receive.

The hiring manager asked how I was going to develop the skills of the employees when interviewing for the QC Supervisor Position. I had always used data to guide my decisions when continuously improving my staff or processes. But, he wanted a specific answer as to how I was going to personally interact and connect with the employees without using data. It was slightly strange, but I gave him an answer nonetheless (Glassdoor made me put in a most difficult question, I didn't want to).

How do you handle disciplinary action

Tell me about a time...

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Be prepared to prove you've done your homework. Be prepared to explain exactly how you'd perform job functions.

There were many difficult questions. I can't remember any in particular.

Explain how your previous experience relates to this position?

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