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What are the two type of exceptions

1 Answer

Exceptions are of two types 1) Checked 2) Unchecked

What is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS? How to achieve or use HTTPS?

Nothing too crazy. One system design testing and some algorithms.

Describe how to create an eCommerce site, in as much detail as you can.

Project Questions. How you did this project and that project. No technical question at all.

Given a list of child parent relationship form a binary tree. All the example ids inside the tree are unique

I was asked to program on a whiteboard and solve some basic problems. I was given a take home assignment in which I was required to provide them with a full console application that met their criteria. I was also asked questions about Test Driven Development and Agile Software Development.

selenium grid

1 Answer

All theoretical questions on Python like what is decorator, yield, generator, list, tuple etc. Basic networking questions diff bt router & switch, TCP/UDP, routing, linux CLI commands etc. How APR works Test cases of an elevator. Describe operation of BGP, OSPF, RIP. Grilling on each keyword in resume.

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