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Quality Analyst Interview Questions

"Employers looking to fill quality analyst positions want applicants with the problem-solving capabilities to detect software-level errors and make improvements to their products. In an interview, expect to be quizzed on technical questions that will test your analytical and critical thinking skills. You may be asked to resolve a programming error or explain the uses of a particular function."

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I really can’t remember many of the questions I was asked throughout the interviews but I was given “homework” to complete and have emailed back that evening after the interview. 1. Summarization with who I had my interviews with. 2. Two reason why they shouldn't hire me. 3. 5 unconventional uses of a brick. 4. Flowchart of how to troubleshoot/ QA a broken toaster. 5. The most funny joke you know!!

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Man... I wish these comments existed back when I applied! This entire process is a horrifying waste of time, and it seems to be the resounding situation that everybody goes through. This could almost verbatim describe my experience, subbing out a few words for others. This place is a miserable waste of time.

I know why you guys hated the interview process... it's because you didn't get the jobs. So sorry! Anyway, I've got a really good idea for both of you... Why don't you just stay at Wells Fargo!

Wow, bitter much? You obviously work at WebFilings and are taking these reviews wayyy too seriously. With all of these bad reviews, maybe you should learn to change your system instead of backstabbing those that had bad experiences. I know all too well, because I as well had a bad experience, even with an offer in hand.

How do you measure 4 gallons with only a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon bucket?

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Name a situation where you were a apart of team and you went above and beyond to help your teammate, and what was the outcome.

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If there is an opportunity from relatively larger company, how do you choose. Be honest.

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If you tested a product and the results came back out of spec, how many in-spec retests would you have to perform to discount that original result.

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How would you deal with issues between you and your coworker and how did you resolve it?

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They asked me to talk a little about my experience in the armed forces.

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With no past lab experience, how did I think I was qualified for the job?

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Do you love playing and/or watching sports? This job requires weekend, holiday, and late night work during televised sporting events, are you available to work these hours?

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What is the strongest point about your self

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