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Why do you want to work in Quality Assurance?

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I answered that I found QA to be like solving a puzzle, where it's satisfying to get the pieces to fit when finding a solution.

How would you decide if a customer should get a line increase/decrease?

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How would you handle confrontation with another coworker?

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The questions were not that difficult. I suppose "Are you comfortable dealing with ambiguity?" was the most difficult. That is definitely an important question to consider before working at Advicent. This is not a hold-your-hand kind of environment.

Very well laid out, the HR rep was very knowledgeable about quality, compliance and technology implementation which was quite impressive and made the interview flow very well. I didn't have to explain basic lingo which unfortunately I've had to with other CRO recruiters.

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When have you pushed back against developers or customers over an issue of software quality?

Given some situations, how would you come up with a test plan?

Several scenario questions: How would you....? When faced with the follow situation....? Tell me about a time when you used X skill.

Basic test methodology questions, know the different concepts and ways you can test code.

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