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Quality Assurance Engineer I Interview Questions


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3 person in a room, try to figure out a way to find out their average salaries without knowing others' salaries.

3 Answers

Use three random numbers during the adding process and subtract them in the same manner to get the total number

Just go ask HR.

You can't "just ask HR," because salary information is confidential. The only way you're supposed to know is if the person agrees to reveal that information to you.

are you able to work full-time?

1 Answer

What made you decide you wanted to work here?

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How would you test the login page of Amazon website?

1 Answer

At one point they asked about a UI drawing on a board. They wanted to know what steps one would take to test the sample UI.

1 Answer

Advantages of Agile/Scrum over Waterfall Methodology.

Talk about a time in which you disagreed with an assignment.

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How much of a background in Chemistry I had.

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