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In the phone round , I was asked few things I did as QA activity at various companies + coding question about the code present to me to check what its doing ... what is the bugs and to write few black box test cases.

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1st round : It was more of discussion test cases for web service that image recognition app that Amazon integrated into mobile phone

Reverse a linked list using pointers (C programming language)

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Reverse a string in double linked list. write the test case to compare the products on amazon.com site.

Asked what project I worked on, how I contributed on the project / team and automation. What information would I put a bug report. Create test cases for command line calculator, UI version of calculator and lastly web version of calculator (client / server setting). What would I like to automate the test cases that I provided above and how? Why do you want to work for Amazon? Any questions for the team?

What is test plan?What is test coverage. and basic question related to testing Automated testing

Given a Linked List with a second pointer to a random node on the list, make a copy of it.

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2nd round: more behavioural question and ask me to code Prod to calculate the median.?(that the hidden part, they were asking about sorting in the real sense). Due to lack of time, they changed it calculate Avg? Three things you do to keep ur self-updated? What will you gonna do if the manager , there is bug and manager is asking for sign off?

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How to will test kindle version up-gradation for the software update. As we have 100 devices while in reality there are millions of devices out in the market

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