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Quality Assurance Interview Questions

"The purpose of quality assurance is to prevent mistakes or defects during the manufacturing process of a product. Employers are looking for someone who pays attention to detail and knows how to troubleshoot issues with a product. During an interview, you may be presented with one of the company's products and asked to explain how you would go about testing and improving it."

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You are in a dark room with no light . You need matching socks for your interview and you have 19 grey socks ans 25 black socks. What are the chances you will get a matching pair?

25 Answers

It would be 1- (prob of getting both greys + prob of getting both blacks) prob of getting both greys = 19/44 * 18/43 = 342/1892 prob of getting both blacks = 25/44 * 24*43 = 600/1892 Probability of getting a pair = 1- ((342+600)/1892) = 950/1892

You could give the precise answer as above (be SC) or, more simply, you could tell them you grab three socks as two of them will match for sure.

actually if you pulled out three socks there is still a chance you could get all grey or all black..

I really can’t remember many of the questions I was asked throughout the interviews but I was given “homework” to complete and have emailed back that evening after the interview. 1. Summarization with who I had my interviews with. 2. Two reason why they shouldn't hire me. 3. 5 unconventional uses of a brick. 4. Flowchart of how to troubleshoot/ QA a broken toaster. 5. The most funny joke you know!!

3 Answers

How do you measure 4 gallons with only a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon bucket?

5 Answers

Reverse a string

8 Answers

Most Unexpected Question: - Can you work well with others? Then interviewer followed up with an explanation on why it was important for an employee to be able to do so for that job.

2 Answers

3 person in a room, try to figure out a way to find out their average salaries without knowing others' salaries.

3 Answers

Reviewed my resume and asked about previous experience

1 Answer

How do you install build on iPhone

1 Answer

Write a function in any language that will print "AN" if a number is divisible by 8, "ANIM" if divisible by 16 and "ANIMAL" if divisible by 32.

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Go through the steps to test a server that shuts down when it shouldn't

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