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Quality Assurance Interview Questions

"The purpose of quality assurance is to prevent mistakes or defects during the manufacturing process of a product. Employers are looking for someone who pays attention to detail and knows how to troubleshoot issues with a product. During an interview, you may be presented with one of the company's products and asked to explain how you would go about testing and improving it."

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How will you approach if there are 100 search results for a product instead of 110?

What's the most challenging problem you've had with automation? How did you overcome it?

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How is your SQL + MongoDB troublshooting? Can you move around a database with minimal supervision? Can you CRUD data?

Have you built your own custom automation framework?

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How would you handle (blank) situation in the workplace?

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Tell me about the company, what do you think we do? Checking to see if you did your research.

What is your experience with Quality Management systems?

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