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Most of the questions were things like, "You work for a company that manufactures blenders. How do you test this blender?" They're basically looking for you to consider every possible angle in which you would test this product-- Who's the user, what's your company's warranty, how does it handle standard products, how well does it make a milkshake, how does it handle rocks if you put them in there, should it handle rocks, etc. They also asked me to test an office printer, an ATM machine, and a web browser. The coding questions I was asked were things like, "Given an unsorted array with n elements where every element except for one is duplicated in the array, how do you find the unique element?"

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For finding the unique element, I said I'd traverse the array and add a value of 1 into a hashmap (with the element as the key) as I encountered them. If any element I encountered in the array already appeared in the hashmap, I would increment the value by 1. The only element with a value of 1 would be the singleton.

Think of a way that only allow user to create a subclass and no parent class instance allowed, without using abstract class.

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Talk about what you learned from a particularly bad experience

Talk about a time you had a problem with one of your teammates.

Technical questions weren't difficult - top k values of an array, fibonacci numbers recursively/iteratively. Testing question: how would you test a defective Google Docs?

What makes you qualified to work as a quality engineer here at Esterline?

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