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The interview focused on my experience as a Foster Child/teen as the position was at the Child Welfare Resource Center.

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The question was a bit difficult as its challenging to share 5+ years of moving around in Foster Care. In addition, foster care is systematically a negative experience for many fostercare children and youth that some may paint you as a pessimistic although you're telling your truth.

what was one of the most diffcult obstacles i had to handle and would i change it.

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Questions were similar to: Jim, Peter, Jackson, Michelle, and Sarah all have planes to catch. Sarah can leave before Peter, but not before Jim. Jackson and Jim are on the same flight, however, Jackson can get on an earlier flight if available. Peter must leave last. You get the idea. Oh, and you are allowed 60 seconds per question.

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What is your previous experience in implementing lean techniques?

They asked if I could give examples of projects I had led in the past.

Why interested in quality of care? Experience in area? Problem with intensive daily travel? Ready to leave clinical work and why?