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2) Alice and Bob play baseball for two periods. Can Alice have a better batting average than Bob in the first period but Bob have a better batting average overall?

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what causes volatility smile?

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write down a function to search for a number in given sorted array

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Gram–Schmidt process for vectors.

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Assume you are the owner of a small grocery store next to a university where they have a weekly sports game. You want to design a method for your soda selling's inventory. Very open questoin, required you to keep asking for more condition and then follow up questions came up depending on your solution.

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does 0 correlation imply independence? give an example

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CS questions... 1)what is incorrect in the following code (they already have something written on board) 2)what do you think the design of the following code (this is a different code than above) 3)explain me so and so project from your CV

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What do you think will happen in Greece?

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black scholes modification for american call

18*56 (no calculators in under 10 seconds)

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