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Quantitative Data Analyst Interview Questions


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What were your responsibilities at your previous job?

Brain teaser/riddle, not going to share

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simple behavioral stuff, questions about my resume/educational background, brainteasers

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Several brain teasers, the goal of which is to evaluate your problem solving approach. Familiarity with basic statistics and calculus should be fine.

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If you finished a project and you are very satisfied with the result, but your client doesn't like it, you talk to your boss and your boss ask you to change the result, will you do that?

if you have a cancer detection test and a population of 10000. This test has 98% accuracy and you know 0.5 of the population has cancer, what is the probability of the test telling people that have cancer that they actually have cancer.

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How would you find a potential fraud by using analytical skills, specifically which regression and method?

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