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You are given an array of integers, A1, A2, ..., An, including negatives and positives, and another integer S. Now we need to find three different integers in the array, whose sum is closest to the given integer S. If there exists more than one solution, any of them is ok. Is there an algorithm to find the three integers in O(n^2) time?

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Create a hash map with keys from A1 to AN. Put all values less that or equal to Ai for key Ai. Create two for loops. For each pair of numbers, find the difference, d = S-(Ai + Aj). Check the hashmap for the difference d. If there is any number, you have a solution.

Why Acumen?

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walk me through your resume.

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Describe what does eigenvector physically means ?

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What is fourier transform of Guassian ?

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Can you tell anything about the correlation of the security who has variance pointing high and low ?

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Suppose there is a series of 100 light bulbs labeled 1 through 100 that all start in the off position. Person 1 walks in the room and turns on every light bulb. Person 2 walks in the room and flips the switch on every 2nd light bulb (i.e. he turns off all even numbered light bulbs). Person 3 walks in the room and flips the switch on every 3rd light bulb (turning some on and some off). This process continues until person 100 goes through and flips the switch on the 100th light bulb. Which light bulbs will be lit up at the end?

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well all questions were all right.

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Analyze the Miracle Gro case.

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Why are you interested in Acumen?

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