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If X, Y and Z are three random variables such that X and Y have a correlation of 0.9, and Y and Z have correlation of 0.8, what are the minimum and maximum correlation that X and Z can have?

8 Answers

At a party everyone shakes hands, 66 hand shakes occur, how many people are at the party?

9 Answers

You have two decks of cards: a 52 card deck (26 black, 26 red) and a 26 card deck (13 black, 13 red). You randomly draw two cards and win if both are the same color. Which deck would you prefer? What if the 26 card deck was randomly drawn from the 52 card deck? Which deck would you prefer then?

11 Answers

Expected number of flipping coins of getting two consecutive faces.

8 Answers

You flip four coins. At least two are tails. What is the probability that exactly three are tails? Do this in your head, you are not allowed to write anything down for this question.

8 Answers

Drawing a pair of (x, y) from a joint Gaussian distribution with 0 covariance. Knowing the stndard deviations of x and y and knowing z = x + y, what is your best guess for x?

10 Answers

What is the probability of breaking a stick into 3 pieces and forming a triangle?

8 Answers

The price of a stock is $10 now. It has .6 prob. increasing to 12 and .4 prob. going down to 8. Interest rate is 0. What's the value of a call option with strike $10?

8 Answers

What is the probability of a Brownian motion hit 1 before hitting -2. The Brownian motion starts at 0.

7 Answers

Interesting question: From a deck of 52 cards pick 26 at random. From this set of 26 you pick two cards. You win if the both of these cards are of the same color. Is this a game you would prefer over one in which you win by picking two (first two picks) of the same color at random from a deck of 26 with equal number of black and red cards

8 Answers