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You have 5 unknown numbers. There are 10 options in selecting two out of these five. Sum each of those two together, thus you have 10 numbers. You're given these, find the original 5 numbers.

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Suppose - x1+x2= a1, x1+x3=a2, ..., x4+x5=a10. A = a1+...a10. x1+x2+x3+x4+x5 = A/4. x1 = A/4-a5-a10. x2 = A/4-a2-a10. x3 = A/4-a1-a10. x4 = A/4-a1-a9. x5 = A/4-a1-aa8.

Note that a+b=c+d. So the ten sums can be paired up into groups of 2 (of course, it may be possible to group say 4 together in case two of the original numbers are the same... but we will be content with pairing in twos to get a final list of 5 numbers even if that contains repetitions. Suppose the numbers we have now are a1, a2, a3, a4 and a5. And suppose the original numbers are x1, x2, ... x5. Then sum of x's = sum of a's./2. Call this S. S - 2ai will give the original x's.

This is a Gaussian equation is it not?

Roll a 6-sided and 10-sided die. I pay exactly the sum of the numbers on the dice only if you guess the sum correctly. What number do you guess?

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what is the square root of 64,000?

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What is one problem in real life? How can it be fixed by an algorithm.?

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Find North Korea on a map.

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Why do you want to leave your current job, Are you Ok with the international travel (2 weeks away at a time, unpredictable travel).

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Why do you choose Optiver?

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Do you have any questions about Jane Street?

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Sorting 4 digit numbers in a square.

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Technical questions including machine learning models etc

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