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what is the square root of 64,000?

3 Answers

don't say 80.


Wrong Above~ The point is to get the answer without a calculator! The fairly easy way is to use Newton's method or Taylor expansion to get sqrt(10).

You have 5 unknown numbers. There are 10 options in selecting two out of these five. Sum each of those two together, thus you have 10 numbers. You're given these, find the original 5 numbers.

5 Answers

2 Players (A and B) compete to get a soda from a vending machine, where n coins are required per machine for j machines. The game proceeds one turn at a time. What is the optimal strategy? Does a certain set of machines/coins per machine give the first player the advantage (and same for the second)? Can you guarantee a soda for the player at an advantage?

What data structure would be the best for a certain scenario

Suppose a collection of n random variables have all pairwise correlations equal to c. Find, with proof, the range of possible values of c.

1 Answer

How would you remove an element from a singly-linked list?

Sorting 4 digit numbers in a square.

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