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what is the square root of 64,000?

3 Answers

don't say 80.


Wrong Above~ The point is to get the answer without a calculator! The fairly easy way is to use Newton's method or Taylor expansion to get sqrt(10).

You have 5 unknown numbers. There are 10 options in selecting two out of these five. Sum each of those two together, thus you have 10 numbers. You're given these, find the original 5 numbers.

4 Answers

2 Players (A and B) compete to get a soda from a vending machine, where n coins are required per machine for j machines. The game proceeds one turn at a time. What is the optimal strategy? Does a certain set of machines/coins per machine give the first player the advantage (and same for the second)? Can you guarantee a soda for the player at an advantage?

How would you remove an element from a singly-linked list?

Well-covered by maths, statistics, finance and programming. Topics include stochastic, calculus, linear algebra, derivatives, numerical analysis and algorithm, Practice is the key. The book "A Practical Guide to Quantitative Interview" was of great help especially for brainteasers. Also be prepared for the algorithm questions.

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