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Query Interview Questions

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How do you check the performance of a SQL table and optimize it.

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EXPLAIN is the way to go to check for performance improvements and optimization is mostly dependent on the schema design in the beginning consisting of of adding correct accurate indexes keeping a track of the space requirements for the index as well.

In a typical database query, how would you speed up an sql query that consisted of many conditions ANDED (&&) together?

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Are you a good worker?

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Write an algorithm to find out the price for a keyword of an item based on the values present in the existing tables. He gave me 2 tables and some columns with item details. Keywords to search for those items etc.. The keywords can have multiple words. For example if you have existing high volume keywords in the the table like iPOD with a certain price then how much price should be the phrase "iPOD Touch 8gb" (a potential low volume keyword).

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Write a query that returns the first & last names (concatenated) of employees who have at least two direct reports and have been with the organization at least two years but not more than five; ordered last name

What SQL programming have you done? Did you query? What types of databases did you use? How much Access experience do you have? Was it gooey?

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Database queries based on an assumed system

None of the questions were unexpected, at least for any candidate applying for this job. I definitely felt I could have answered few questions better.

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