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Northside Hospital
Radiologic Technologist - Radiation Therapist was asked...February 15, 2016

Was there ever a crisis that occurred on your shift (whether that be during clinics or previous employment) and how did you react and overcome or not overcome the situation.

1 Answers

I never dealt with a serious crisis during my shift but I have dealt with numerous anxious patients who afraid to undergo scanning. To deal with this, I would spend time talking and calming them down. Less

Mount Sinai Health System

What would your next step be if a senior therapist disagreed with your judgement when analyzing films?

2 Answers

I would ask him his opinion and and then further discussion over the topic

I would get another senior therapist's opinion also.

National Cancer Centre of Singapore

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

1 Answers

Treating patients

Northwell Health

Can you Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

I told them how I ended up where I am today

Mount Sinai Health System

If your superior set up a patient incorrectly what would you do?

1 Answers

I told them I would pull the therapist aside and ask to recheck the positioning. and if they did not agree to that and still believed they set up correctly and I still think they did not then it would be time to call in one of the supervising therapists. Less

Arnot Health

An unexpected question was, what can put you in a bad mood at the work place?

1 Answers

My patients being treated rudely by other medical professionals.

St. Joseph's Health

An elderly patient is being treated for a hip and they are unable to keep their arms above the head as simulated. What would you do?

1 Answers

Because the arms won't move the area being treated, I would find a more comfortable position for the patient to ensure there would be no motion during the treatment due to the patients inability to hold the position. I would then film to ensure that the patient is still in line with their initial films before treating. Less

Akron General Health System

Can you get along with anyone?

1 Answers


Yakima Valley Memorial

Are you good with people?

1 Answers

That is a huge reason that I chose this as a profession.

The US Oncology Network

They asked me what machines I had worked on, as well as what treatment software I was familiar with. They also asked if I was comfortable treating in a busy center.

1 Answers

I stated in detail all the therapy machines I had experience with, the type of treatments I was familiar with, as well as the treatment software I had used. All of which were currently being used at this particular center. I also informed them that I was very comfortable treating a high volume of patients, where I was currently working, I was treating 60 patients every day. Less

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