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Was there ever a crisis that occurred on your shift (whether that be during clinics or previous employment) and how did you react and overcome or not overcome the situation.

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I never dealt with a serious crisis during my shift but I have dealt with numerous anxious patients who afraid to undergo scanning. To deal with this, I would spend time talking and calming them down.

What would your next step be if a senior therapist disagreed with your judgement when analyzing films?

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If your superior set up a patient incorrectly what would you do?

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An elderly patient is being treated for a hip and they are unable to keep their arms above the head as simulated. What would you do?

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An unexpected question was, what can put you in a bad mood at the work place?

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Can you get along with anyone?

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Are you good with people?

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They asked me what machines I had worked on, as well as what treatment software I was familiar with. They also asked if I was comfortable treating in a busy center.

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whats your philosophy in life? What values guide your life? What makes you different? Scenario questions, etc. They were very friendly

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