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Radiologist Interview Questions

Radiologist Interview Questions

Radiologist Interview Questions

Radiologists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnostic imaging. In a radiologist interview, employers may ask questions about your technical, medical, and management skills. They may also ask about your experience and how you would react to a hypothetical situation.

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Top Radiologist Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top radiologist interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: How would you deal with a patient who starts panicking while undergoing a CT scan?

How to answer: Many patients experience claustrophobia while getting CT scans or MRIs, and knowing how to keep them calm, reassure them, and make sure they stay still is important for getting clear images. Say that you would let the patient take a break from scanning and calm down for a bit. You can also mention that you would give them a mild sedative if needed.

Question #2: How would you handle a disagreement with another doctor about interpreting an X-ray?

How to answer: Radiologists often work with other doctors, and resolving conflicts is important. Say that you would consider the other person's opinion and ask a third professional to take a look if you can't reach an agreement. This shows that you prioritize the patient's welfare.

Question #3: At your last job, what types of scans did you conduct most often?

How to answer: This question gives you a chance to talk about your previous experience. Discuss the types of patients you worked with, the tests you conducted, and which areas of the body you looked at most often.

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GCM Medical
Interventional Radiologist was asked...March 25, 2010

Why are you interviewing with this company and not another?

1 Answers



None. Standard questions.

1 Answers

I got to talk to hospital staff who were unhappy with level of service provided by Radisphere. Radisphere seems to do anything they can to save money to the detriment of just about everything. Less

Radiologist was asked...November 16, 2021

Say you and a colleague have a disagreement how would resolve this?

1 Answers

I talked about a situation I had been in and then related this to how I would react in the NHS. Less

NMC Healthcare
Radiologist was asked...December 15, 2019

previous work experience

1 Answers



What modalities am I qualified to perform

1 Answers

Screening, ultrasound, CT, MRI , mammography and interventional procedures

Envision Healthcare
Radiologist was asked...November 19, 2018

How soon can you start?

1 Answers

in 3 months

Radiology Partners

Do I want to do mammo?

1 Answers


Most difficult question - "what new procedures will you bring to us?'

EFW Radiology

Design radio circuit without looking at radio

American Red Cross

why do you move to here from your location?

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