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Account Manager Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC

"When interviewing for an account owner position, be prepared to speak to your skills in communications, marketing, and client relations. Employers will be interested in your ability to create long lasting relationships with clients and generate sales for a portfolio of accounts. Your interviewer may test your abilities with a role play question, so be prepared to give a mock sales pitch to a difficult client."

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How do the hours fit for me? Not typical M-F 8-5 so they tell you that right up front so you know.

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It doesn't sound bad at the time if you really need a job, but not having Saturdays free is a little bit of a con for me.

What are your professional goals in the next five years?

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What does your "day to day" consist of in your current role?

They asked about myself and my leadership experience.

There wasn't a whole lot of formal interview questions that I can remember. It was more of the interviewer talking and trying to sell the position.

Tell me what makes you organized. How do you prospect? What was a time you used up-selling techniques with a customer?

If you found out you would receive a billion dollars when your grandparents passed away, what would you do in the meantime

Tell me about a time when you had to set a goal to improve (sales, retention, whatever), how did you identify the problem, and what steps did you take to resolve the situation?

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