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Consultant Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC


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Explain what skills you feel are strongest

2 Answers

I went over some parts of my resume and explained what I was proudest of

Got this question as well but the interview was the most chilled interview I've ever had, it was amazing! But generally speaking, they just go through your CV and have a quick chat about your skills and then have like 20 mins of good chat like you are talking to a friend.

Are you will to travel and relocate?

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Tell me about a time you didn't have success and found a way to over come it

1 Answer

Qualification Call Role Play

1 Answer

I was asked about specifics on my resume. I think some of the questions were to verify the information listed and to give me the opportunity to expand on the things listed.

1 Answer

Describe how you will implement the product in the client office if there are issues happening with the environment?

1 Answer

mostly about why I wanted the job and my availability

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What is the difference other than semantics between a consultant and a sales person?

1 Answer

I was given a case study and I had to present a process on white board for dealing with it.

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