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Java Software Engineer Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC

"Java software engineers design, build, and maintain systems that support and run java applications. Employers are looking for candidates who display strong organizational and communication skills as well as advanced technical skill within the java universe. During an interview, expect to answer a lot engineering questions as well as discuss past projects you have worked on."

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Difference between synchronize map vs concurrent map How is set implemented? Singleton implementation? How Hashmap works ? Coallesce function Join vs Union Arraylist vs linkedlist Microservice – how put is operated with an identifier (URI or payload) Why is string immutable? Spring beans scope SQL Joins/Unions (what and differences) Some Architecture idiot was asking about Chess board game and how to implement horse move!!! (looks like he is enthusiastic to interview and lose sight of acknowledging interviewee is a person like him) – Clearly this question seemed to infer lack of compassion in the company. PS: there is some white-boarding stuff, which I hate the most !!!

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Pretty standard questions However the way some of the developers put the questions in front clearly stated that they need some interviewing skills ..LMAO