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Medical assistant Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Employers hiring medical assistants are looking for candidates with a mastery of both clerical and interpersonal skills. Expect to be quizzed on health care procedures as well as experience tending to patient needs. You may be asked to answer role-play question that will test your ability to handle difficult patients in a sympathetic and professional way. Be aware that many employers will expect candidates to be certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

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tell them alittle about yourself

2 Answers

I'm a people person, a team player, reliable and love what I do

I’m been Doctor for more than 20 years, arrive to EEUU in 2017. I study RN in EDP University in PR, I love health care work.

How long I worked in healthcare

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Would you be willing to work for 2 weeks as a training process to eliminate undesirable candidates before hiring you?

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Have you used an EMR system before?

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Why are you interested in this company?

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Because this was a year ago, I don't recall the questions I was asked. Three people were present and everyone had a different question but the interaction was easy and no one intimidated me (thankfully).

Tell us about a time when you and a co-worker disagreed on a matter and what you did to resolve it.