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C# Fundamentals are covered very heavily. Also like CS101 data structures are covered very heavy. We also look for good skills in UI design and development such as Javascript and AngularJS. If you are good at the backed we go over some pretty detailed threading questions. If you do good on all these subjects then we may move into more advanced areas like deep database development\data analytics skills covering SQL, Oracle, and various other skills.

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I think I did pretty well, I got hired and now I do a lot of the phone screens for new hires. I was perpetrated for the intense C# and CS101 questions. Because of that we went into some very advanced topics. If you are lucky you will get asked some really off the wall questions that really don't have a right answer, just looking how your brain works. This was really fun and it does not occur in ever interview, it depends on what people are available for the interview.

Tell me about yourself. I noticed you took computer network course, tell me what you know about the Ethernet.

What is the disadvantages of using a microservices

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The person taking interview asked plsql questions.

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I remember 1-2 questions about DDD (Domain Driven Design); What is DDD? Why would you use it? Also remember getting a question about the computational complexity of a nested subroutine in a loop.

Give some examples of how you interacted with Business teams.

None, but one of the team members presented the details of one of there designs and I felt rushed to ask questions, since I had many

I was given a sample angular program and I was supposed to review the code.

Describe something you didn't like about a previous project. Yes, I was actually asked that.