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Product Manager Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Often considered the "CEO" of their product area, product managers oversee the strategy, production, and implementation of a particular product. Because product management teams include members from different backgrounds such as engineering, design, and data design, product managers must have strong communication skills and excel in cross-functional work environments. Expect to answer questions about your management abilities, prioritization skills, and experience working in product. Though not required, technical backgrounds are advantageous particularly when applying for roles at tech companies.

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Say you are dead- what do you think your eulogy would say about you.

5 Answers

While this might throw you as it did me at first, just take time to break it into personal attrubutes and professional attributes

Take your time to breath. This question is a trap in order to see how you react emotionally and personally. There are 2 possibilities, all other possibilities are wrong. - answer something vague and smart for example : "Death was afraid of him because he had the heart of a lion" or "It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives.". This will impress them and demonstrate your superior intelligence. - bring the conversation back in the reality : "It does not matter what will happen when I will die, but what matters to me is what is happening in this room right now" will show that you are pragmatic and focused. Any other answer will put you down. - talking about your family or your kids, or how great you are, will give the impression that you are self centered. - being emotional will show you as a weak person... etc...

If you are dead, you cannot think about your eulogy. The first part of the question has established you are dead. Anything after that is irrelevant.

Did you make this app?

1 Answer

So is this your software?

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so you think you are what this resume said. Prove it?

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Greatest Challenge?

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I had a technical background and was unsure of what a product manager did.

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What are your weaknesses?

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In what areas of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework you consider yourself strong.

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Prodcut life cyle management

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Would you relocate for the position?

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