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I was quite offended when they spent an hour questioning me about my core beliefs, values, and experience, and then left me time for 1 question before letting me know they had another meeting. Very unprofessional especially after they tell that the interview process is a 2-way street and the candidate is interviewing the company and vice versa.

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No reply just left - would not work there

As a Sales Manager at Netsertive I will take full responsibility for this. We do believe in the 2 way nature of interviewing and try hard to leave time for questions even in the very first in person interview. Sorry it did not work out that way in your particular case. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any other feedback or questions.

As a past employee I can tell you that because of tremendously high turn over the company's goal in the interview process is to determine if you are a culture fit. Salaries are embarrassingly low for the market and benefits are expensive so the company tries to make up for it with what they claim is a great culture. In actuality the culture is pure silliness, and this is not a professional place to work. For example, in your interviewing process were you introduced to the purple cow? If you don't buy into the whole cow mascot thing you won't be hired. Culture is also heavily into micro managing so if you don't project that you are willing to be treated as a child you won't be hired. That's probably why they didn't let you ask any questions.

How much money do you want to make

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What are you favorite types of food

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Do you like our craft beer fridge?

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Does money motivate you?

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Have you sold websites?

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They asked me some math questions - what is 2x20 and what is 25% of 200

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What is the most relevant sales experience that I have? Outside of that it was just a bunch of general questions regarding my background. It didnt seem like they were interested in my experience, just wanted to see what kind of person I was.

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They did not ask me a single question.

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Are you okay with rejection?

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