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Describe something that you have done recently that didn't go well. What was your reaction to the situation?

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Plan for contingencies and plenty of time to got with plan B or C.

have i severed and time in jail

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Would I be able to attend the 16 hours of security training (company paid)

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There were no difficult questions, the interviewer read my application and resume, eyes seemed to light up and told me the dress requirements if I didn't have the items (khaki pants and black tennis shoes) and where I could find them cheap. Told me to bring ssn card and drivers license to the upcoming orientation.

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What is your day to day duties? What is your salary range?

Standard personality type questions, how do you handle a difficult co-worker, etc.

They asked me about my experience working in this position.

Do you have any problem using force up to and including deadly force to do your job?

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