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Senior Analyst Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC


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Outside of system specific questions, being asked how would you deal with difficult situations, which is pretty standard, but ensure you're able to follow through.

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Make sure and include your documentation procedures.

If you were analyzing a company, and you could only have one of the financial statements, which one would you want and why?

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Wanted me to indicate that I could become an "expert" in something within 2 weeks prior to starting a job.

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What is a weakness of yours and how do you plan to improve it.

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What is the most hectic situations you encountered before and how did you resolve it and how did it help your company?

Tell me about a team you hard to work with an employee you did not get along with?

Tell me about a time you had to work on a project or system you knew nothing about?

If you know your job, you'll be fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. They mostly want to see if you will 'fit in'.

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