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Senior Software Developer Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC


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Describe a recent project you completed in technical detail.

How did you gather the requirements for the applications that you developed during your internship? How did you ascertain if what you understood matched what the customer asked for? (did you and the customer sign off on a req doc?) How did you make sure that what you were developing was stable and matched user expectations? (did you prototype and unit test? how?)

I was expecting a grueling, highly technical interview such as I've experienced with Amazon and several others but I was very surprised: all of the questions were about the experience on my resume. The atmosphere was very relaxed.

How does process scheduling work? How does the OS know that it's time to run the scheduler? What is a deadlock? When does a deadlock occur? What is priority inversion? What is a possible way of solving the problem of priority inversion?

What's the project about? What data structure did you use?

Describe how a smartphone would boot up? When do you think all the drivers would be loaded?

None.Its all routine.

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Design a contacts search for a phone. The solution should prompt you with all the contacts that'd match the characters keyed into the search box. Eg: For a contacts list having Adam, Alex and Arby's, keying in A should suggest Adam, Alex, Arby's while keying in Ad should suggest only Adam. State and explain the choice of data structures and explain the time complexity of the solution.

Given an input file of characters produce an output file that is sorted (English alphabet considered for the sake of simplicity. The o/p would look like: all the a's then all the A's then the b's then B's ....) State the data structures that'd be used, the reason for using them and the time complexity of the solution.