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Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions in Raleigh-Durham, NC

"Senior software engineers are the most experienced member of a software team and usually carry the most responsibility and authority of that team. Because of this, interviews will be designed to find candidates who have expert knowledge of the field and years of experience as a software engineer. Expect to be asked tough technical questions and to give examples of previous projects that you have worked on."

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I was peppered with detailed API and SQL questions. Then I was asked how I would deal or solve some hypothetical scenario regarding database transaction. It was not a well thought out question and had difficulty understanding his English and his train of thought. Its possible he was asking for a solution he was currently dealing with.

Implement Remote EJB call from standalone Java application

Support questions were taken from real cases they've handled. I've seen most of the issues before, and was able to answer them immediately, others I had to google but quickly understood how to reply.

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What were the steps taken to migrate application to Microservices in my previous project.

Asked to design a tiny URL application based on Microservices and then questions asked around my solution.

How would you handle online payments?

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