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"Tell me about a time you helped a co-worker."

1 Answer

Think back, or give a hypothetical answer.

Are you willing to work weekends, holidays in any kind we needed you

2 Answers

When I first went to work at the airport you had to work you way in their first getting to know people was very important and they had to know that you are really interested in working for an airline working and all kinds of weather very cold. The very hot and also working in the rain and snow I was very good at my job

1 Answer

In my opinion, how many days do I feel is okay to call in sick?

1 Answer

I was told, "I'm the one asking the questions. Please keep quiet until after the initial interview." Despite having airline experience, I knew after that comment, I didn't want the job. I'll remain a loyal customer and let someone else fight over the $10/hr job. It's not worth it.

What are your strong points/weakness...how was your experience at your current/past jobs...What can you bring to the this company....how would your past supervisors rate your work ethic?? Etc

1 Answer

Questions about relevant work experience. Much about your past working as a teammate and individually.

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