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Rapid City Regional Hospital Interviews in Rapid City

www.rcrh.org /  HQ: Rapid City, SD

8 Interviews in Rapid City (of 9)

2.5 Easy

Black Hills Corporation Interviews in Rapid City

www.blackhillscorp.com /  HQ: Rapid City, SD

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3.0 Average

Ditech Financial Interviews in Rapid City

www.ditech.com /  HQ: Fort Washington, PA

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Interview Questions in Rapid City

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Describe a specific instance where you faced an ethical dilemma, were asked to do something unethical, or advised to lie about something. Describe how you handled the situation and why you handled it the way you did.

2 Answers

They are really trying to see if you have acted with integrity and followed good ethical guidelines in your previous work experience. This is very important if you need to get a security clearance and they don't want to waste money on people who would not pass the background screening since it is very expensive.

Maybe they probing to see if you have a working knowledge of a code of ethics (such as the IEEE Computer Society's "Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice" ), and understand how to apply them.

None, just... Do you want the job?

1 Answer

Do you prefer working with younger or older people?

1 Answer

Sell me this pen

1 Answer

Can you stand on your feet all day

1 Answer

Why do you want to work at Symcom

1 Answer

"Are you married?" "Kids?"

1 Answer

Asked about myself.

1 Answer

Not the most difficult, but most important. When asked, "What would you do if you saw someone steal something such as a water bottle?" Always answer fire them. Get this question wrong and you can be absolutely sure you won't be hired.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for Black Hills Power?

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