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RBT/Behavioral Therapist was asked...December 4, 2020

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself?

1 Answers

To become an RBat

Butterfly Effects

How will you use your previous work experience in this position?

1 Answers

I will use the goal-setting and scheduling skills that I have learned from my previous positions in this position. Less

ACI Learning Centers
RBT was asked...September 20, 2017

Do I have experience working with children who have Autism?

1 Answers

I have a little over a year of experience working with children who have ASD. However, I did obtain my Bachelors in Psychology/ABA and I'm currently working on my Masters. I have a lot of knowledge pertaining treatment, graphing, and following the BCBA code. Less

Direct Behavioral Strategies

What previous experience do you have in different ABA settings?

1 Answers

Schools, homes, community, clinical settings

Pathways of Arizona
RBT was asked...June 17, 2019

What would you do in case of an emergency?

1 Answers

Tell your supervisor so they can file a report. Depending on the situation you might have to call emergency services. Less

RBT was asked...May 18, 2017

What my experience working with children looked like and what my interest in working with children was.

1 Answers

I have always worked with children. My interest in working with children is to help them overcome obstacles to be the best person they can be. Less

RBT was asked...February 14, 2018

Are you familiar with ABA?

1 Answers

Yes I’m familiar with ABA and have a passion for it.

ABS Kids

Questions were about working with children and how you would handle their behavior in certain scenarios, relevant to the job.

1 Answers

Used personal experience/common sense

Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis
RBT was asked...December 2, 2018

Why do you want to work for iABA?

1 Answers

Look at their website and make sure you have questions to ask them about their services in detail wish I would have Less

Songbird Therapy

past experience, what motivates you and describe a difficult work day and how you handled it.

1 Answers

My motivation is being able to help a child grow and develop social skills. I find working with kids with special needs is the most rewarding feeling in the world. I am also someone with mental health and metabolic health issues and I have always wanted to be an inspiration and give back to everyone that have helped me. Therefore, I have a lot of patience and sometimes is hard, so I take a moment and go to the bathroom and breathe. Once I return, I am not showing any negative feeling. Less

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