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You are an employer and you need to pay your employees with gold. Each piece of gold is worth 7 units and you must pay your employee one unit every day. You can only cut each piece of gold once. How do you pay each employee?

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I would not cut it at all. I would give each "salaried" employee 2 pieces of gold every two weeks.

you have to cut it, there is only one piece of gold initially that is worth 7 units.

Each time you cut it would make different pieces meaning you can continue to cut previously split pieces.

They asked me about one reference I cited in one of my papers. I was not very familiar with it.

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Do you know how to use MATLAB and any CAD software preferably Solidworks?

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Course material

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Describe a time when you have had to deal with failure.

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What do you know about UOP? Why do you want to join UOP? Give a moment where you had to work in a group? Other typical interview questions...

Describe the group dynamics (in a design project) and how you contributed.

Why do you want to join our company?

Nothing was unexpected or difficult. Just standard questions

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