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I wasn't expecting a cell culture question like what do cells look like when I culture them, mostly because I had no experience with that.

What topics did you learn in physics classes?

A technical question about diaper design. It did not require specific knowledge of diapers, rather problem solving skills and stating reasonable assumptions.

3 -> tech2 : t test, statistical analysis, stress strain curve 4 ->tech3 : general questions on the projects you have done

Draw engineering stress strain curve? Explain your projects? How much programming skills do you have?

When was a time you had to make a decision that was unpopular?

If I would consider to work for free during the summer just because of the experience because they had a short budget.

Describe something that you have designed in the past year.

All were very expected questions: 1. Why did you apply for this position? 2. What prior experience do you have that make you fit for this position? 3. What are you long-term career plans/goals? 4. Do you have any questions for us?

Detailed questions on my main research experiences on my resume. No really unexpected questions.

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